Wide Pine Flooring
eastern white pines wide panel flooring


The flooring is unfinished. There are several finishing options. Penetrating oil finishes have largely replaced polyurethane in popularity. The disadvantage to polyurethane is that when wear occurs in highly- trafficked areas, the entire floor must be sanded and a new coat applied.

Penetrating Oil Finish

A penetrating oil finish can be touched up when wear spots occur. A penetrating oil finish, as the name suggests, penetrates the fibers of the wood in the initial coat. Subsequent coats provide a finished appearance. You will find several online sources of penetrating oils on our Resources page.


Staining or Painting
If you wish stain to add a richer color, apply it the finish coats. If applied in the initial coat it may bring out the grain pattern alarmingly. There are penetrating oil finishes in a wide range of color choices.

In early New England homes, pine floors were frequently painted, an idea that horrifies contemporary sensibilities unfamiliar with the cheerful results.

The planing of the boards is top-quality. We do not think machine sanding after installation is necessary, although a small amount of hand-sanding might be necessary. If you do intend to sand, be sure the nailheads are well counter-sunk so that you do not grind the nailheads.

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