Wide Pine Flooring
wide pine floor from eastern white pinewood
Tremont Nail Company manufactures steel cut nails for installing your flooring. The website has an online store and a variety of nails.

Velvit Products Company manufactures a Velvit Oil which is a good product for finishing your floors. It gives you a wood finish that stains, fills, seals, protects and beautifies all in one coat. See more about the product at their website: http://www.velvitproducts.com/details_velvitoil.html

Waterlox manufactures a variety of products for finishing your floor. They have a clear, tung oil based penetrating sealers and finishes that you can use as an interior sealer. There are a variety of finish types to choose from and they also make a VOC Compliant formula. See more about their products and online store at their website: http://www.waterlox.com/

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