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Many New England customers prefer to pick up their flooring rather than pay the cost of shipping. We are centrally located in the south east corner of Vermont and just minutes from Interstate 91. You may prefer to pick up your flooring at the warehouse thereby saving the cost of shipping. We will have your shipment packed and ready for your arrival and you can be on the road again promptly. The state of Vermont requires the payment of a 6% sales tax. Call 802-257-0064 to Order
Our wide pine flooring is shipped by a reliable national commercial trucking company with whom we have done business for decades. Depending upon quantity, there are two types of packing.
  • Volume Shipment
Large quantities are placed in the front end of a 28 foot box trailer. A bulkhead is erected aft of the lumber to prevent damage. From the time the shipment leaves here until it arrives at your site, the lumber is untouched. In trucking terminology, this is called a volume shipment.
  • Small Quantities Shipment
For smaller quantities (picture below), the boards are shipped in bundles; two vigorous people can handle a bundle. Each bundle is a stack of boards with a pair of boards protecting the sides of the stack. In trucking parlance, this type of shipment is designated as LTL.
  • Shipment Information
A bill of lading accompanies your shipment. The trucking company can track the shipment throughout its course. As soon as the shipment departs our yard, we notify you with all necessary information including expected date of arrival.
Always in Stock
The bill of lading includes your name, the delivery address, and the instruction "call before delivery" and the phone number you specify. When the trucking company calls to notify you of their intention to deliver your shipment, you then can make any necessary arrangements.
  • Shipping Discounts
Although we have a very favorable discount arrangement with our commercial trucker, because fuel prices have escalated astronomically everybody is hurt. Ask whether we can provide a discount on our discount - usually we can. We want your business.
  • Always in Stock
There is no waiting. We can ship whenever you specify. If you have a large order of several thousand feet, you would be prudent to give advance notice to be sure we will have what you want when you want it.
Please contact us for more information about our flooring.
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